N.Y.C. Grow 10 Nails Review

So, this nail polish is clear, I placed it on my nails with nail color already on and it seemed to make my nails shinier. I liked the way it looked and my nails were definitely longer! I was pretty excited, one thing that the directions do say is to place it on everyday which I didn’t do due to the fact that my nails were packed on with layers at the time. I will, however, continue using this product :] It does take longer to take off if you have nail polish with the Grow 10 Nails, but it works really well. I hear that it takes about a month to get definite results which I will update you guys on when I get the chance :] Other than that this is more of a beginners review as to what happens for the first time using it. Don’t think it is a bad product or a waste of money (I am pretty sure this is $0.93 as well at my area).

It definitely makes your nails stronger.

Positive: Makes my nails stronger.

Negative: It takes longer to take off but that is just probably what most people would call lazy haha. (UPDATE AS OF 8/18/10): The nail polish, if you have colored nail polish on before hand, will make the colored nail polish crack. Thus, your nails will be gone faster. BUT if you are going to change your nail color in a few days, it is not a bad thing. (UPDATE AS OF 9/9/10) Okay, I am so sorry to confuse everyone! But, the Grow 10 Nails was not the main cause of the cracking of the nail polish. I happened to be the top coat I have been using which is N.Y.C. Extra Shiny Top Coat. [http://tiffanytheshopaholic.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/review-n-y-c-extra-shiny-top-coat/]

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