“Cheap” Makeup

Alright, so I know that many of the consumers out there use makeup by: MAC, Nyx, Urban Decay, etc.  If they add up the amount of money the money they have used, I am sure the amount of money will be well beyond $100.00. $100.00 which could be saved for other things. For anyone who loves makeup and puts it on everyday then you should know that you can save money by looking at your nearest Dollar Tree or Dollar General.

WAIT! I know, sounds crazy, but I am not kidding. At those three stores you can save a bunch! I know what you must be thinking, “Dollar Store? Please! I won’t trust a cheap company.” But what I can tell you is that makeup from a Dollar Store is actually really good.

L.A. Colors is a company that sells makeup in Dollar Tree’s and Dollar General’s. They are a great company in certain things. Their palettes are highly pigmented and you don’t need to pack on color. The concealer is great and you can see nothing. They also have eyeliners. The autoliner is good for beginners. The pots are good but you will need to put it in a better container than the one they give you. (Reviews for L.A. Colors products coming soon)

If you still don’t want to buy cheap makeup, that is fine, Dollar Tree’s and Dollar General’s also sell drug store items for cheap as well, makeup that the companies don’t wish to sell anymore. No to mention that you might find discontinued products! Trust me, no matter what you think of stores that are “cheap” you might actually find something there that you can spend less money on. There is more than makeup, they also have other things that you can save money on.

Cheap doesn’t mean poor, it just means that you know how to save money 😉

What do you think?

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